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Cloud, Fog, and Ambient Computing

This won’t be a long post. I will likely start posting a few more shorter posts that are a bit more personal. This one is about taking that next step. The one that I hope helps with my career growth. Not long ago I passed two major certifications that are within my niche goals. Yes, I have a goal of focusing on a particular career niche and building around it. The niche is AI Edge Engineering. That’s a discipline that combines machine learning, IoT, and DevOps. One of the reasons I’ve tackled this particular area of the solution development world has to do with information flow.

You see, I’ve become convinced that even though we are living in the information age, we still think like people living and working in the industrial age. Our brains are stilled wired for thinking of business as creating a thing of value and selling that thing of value. Though that is still a point of concern, it’s not the way we express modern busines. Modern business information systems isn’t about static data as information. Modern systems should be about information flow, communication flow, and bringing actionable events closer to the source. For that paradigm, we need a new type of information system.

We need more than cloud, and more than fog computing. We need near-realtime ambiant systems. I think we are still a few years from seeing that come into being, but we are definitely on the road, and we’re making great drive time.

What will this new approach to computing do for us? It brings the power of AI to devices that are closer to you. That device could be a wearable, it could be a car, it could be an artificial organ. IoT Edge Engineering is just one discipline on the way toward that new way of working with devices.

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