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I’ve made it easy to select standard consulting services by clearly defining the process, the expected outcomes, and the expected price.

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I am what is known as a “works-with-you” consultant. Over the years, I’ve adopted tools and processes designed to help turn desired business outcomes into tactical architecture. I have a process, and the process involves building an understanding of you and your company. I accomplish this through guided, facilitated conversations that use visual tools to build consensus around a business strategy. My process is consistent, but not cookie-cutter. It’s designed to adjust to your needs and your goals.

Software & Systems Integration

Most contractors can help you integrate one system with another. Modern REST and GraphQL APIs make this process fairly easy. And as I wrote about in this post, many software vendors provide easy integration with other products, allowing cannabis related businesses the ability to build their information systems from best-in-class offerings.

However, if you aren’t careful, you’ll end up with a system made up of many different products that are tightly coupled and dependent on each other. That doesn’t leave much room for expansion. And if you want to get some type of centralized view of your organization, you may still find that you need to log into different products to retrieve various reports. Attempting to combine these without some type of unified data layer could be a nightmare – even if you are a wizard with Excel.

I take a disciplined approach to software and systems integration that builds an event-based architecture. This what is known as a Reactive system. Reactive Event-based systems free you from point-to-point connections and allow for greater control and flexibility.

If you find that your information system is built from multiple software as service products that are tightly integrated with each other, or you have no integration and need to enter data into multiple systems, we should talk. I would love to introduce to you what disciplined software and systems integration could do for your business.

Cloud & On-Premises Computing

Are you curious what the cloud could do to help your facility develop and operate faster? Have you started to purchase on-premises hardware to support your internal development efforts, but you know there’s probably a better way to manage your capital expenditures? If you are brand new to the cloud, or maybe you’ve already begun your cloud journey, but you want to know how to better develop and operate using cloud or hybrid technologies, I can help.

I’ve been an Azure developer and Architect for four years and have a thorough understanding of the benefits and tradeoffs associated with cloud computing. Though my expertise and focus is on Microsoft’s Azure, I have a great appreciation for Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, as well. I’m cloud-agnostic. If you would like guidance on your cloud journey, or you need a more detailed assessment for migration purposes, I would be happy to help show you what cloud do for your organization and your teams.

Data Systems

You’ve probably heard that data is the new oil. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I do know that data is absolutely necessary for properly running any business. If you’re tired of relying on canned reports from your software-as-a-service applications, or you need to modernize your existing data system, I can help. I’ve built modern data systems for organizations as diverse as large manufacturers to small non-profit organizations. I understand the need to organize, combine, and run analysis on data from multiple sources presented in many different formats.

I specialize in event-based systems and understand how to work with time-series data. Likewise, I also understand the complexity of data governance for systems that are under compliance restrictions.

If you’re ready to modernize your data platform, or discuss improving your existing data system to meet specific business outcomes, I would love to help.

Internet of Things

Automation and control systems are at the heart of many modern cannabis cultivation facilities. However, like software integration, systems integration can be complicated and in many cases siloed from a unified system. It’s not unusual for the environmental controls to have no knowledge of lighting controls. Do you use moisture sensors? Object recognition at the Edge for your plants? For compliance reasons, almost everyone uses RFID tags, but do you make the most of these tags to track and inventory your products inside your facility?

If the data from your operational technology is siloed, or you would like to explore making better use of your existing automation and monitoring equipment, I would love to help.