Hello World!

Hi, I’m Shawn and I’m a developer. I write code. Sometimes that code runs on mobile devices, sometimes it runs in the cloud. There are lots of clouds, but my favorite brand is Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Services.

Most of my posts here will be about my journey from a senior level developer to a Azure Cloud Solution Architect. My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer. This is my semi-professional blog. Sometimes things people consider politics bleed into the tech industry, so in those cases I might surface my opinion, but for the most part this blog will be focused on helping businesses of all sizes, individuals, and other developers learn what cool solutions can be achieved using Azure.

Here are some of my favorite topics:

  • Domain-Driven Design
  • Agile
  • Innovation Engineering
  • Lean Software Development
  • DevOps
  • IoT – specifically aimed at gardening
  • .Net Core

This is also more of a proving ground for the things I think are cool that I might want to eventually turn into a long-form article or tutorial. The long-form articles will go to Medium and my tutorials, tips, and tricks will go to Dev.to. Code for anything will likely always been on GitHub.

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